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Cooperative Joy in It Takes Two


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"It Takes Two," released in 2021, is an action-adventure platformer created by Hazelight Studios and distributed by Electronic Arts. The narrative focuses on Cody and May, a married duo on the brink of separating, who find themselves transformed into dolls. They have to cooperate to overcome numerous obstacles to regain their human states. Renowned for its innovative cooperative gameplay, "It Takes Two" requires two players and offers both a local and online multiplayer mode.

The game's cooperative mechanics are not merely an added feature; they are integral to the experience. Players must communicate, collaborate, and combine their unique abilities to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and defeat bosses. The game's narrative, imbued with humor and emotional depth, explores themes of love, partnership, and the importance of communication.


The storyline of "It Takes Two" begins with Cody and May, a couple experiencing marital problems, informing their young daughter Rose about their decision to divorce. Heartbroken, Rose retreats to the barn with her homemade dolls of her parents and tearfully pleads for them to stay together. Mysteriously, her tears transform Cody and May into the dolls, trapping them in a fantastical world full of extraordinary adventures. Guided by Dr. Hakim, a sentient and whimsical self-help book, Cody and May are forced to reconcile their differences and work together to mend their relationship and return to their human bodies.

The journey takes them through a variety of imaginative environments, from their own cluttered garage and garden to surreal fantasy realms. Every stage offers distinct challenges and unveils novel gameplay mechanics, guaranteeing that the experience stays exciting and captivating.Along the way, players encounter various characters, including anthropomorphic appliances and bugs, which add humor and depth to the narrative.


Despite its critical acclaim, "It Takes Two" is not without its technical issues. Players have reported various bugs, ranging from minor graphical glitches to more disruptive problems that can impact gameplay. Commonly reported bugs include characters getting stuck in certain areas, audio desync, and occasional crashes. While these issues can be frustrating, the developers at Hazelight Studios have been proactive in addressing player feedback and releasing patches to improve the overall experience.

It Takes Two PS5 game

The community has been instrumental in identifying and reporting bugs, which has helped the developers prioritize fixes. Player forums and social media platforms are valuable resources for troubleshooting and finding temporary workarounds for persistent issues. Moreover, Hazelight's support team is committed and quick to respond, guaranteeing players a smooth and enjoyable experience.


"It Takes Two" has received widespread acclaim from critics and players alike, earning numerous accolades and nominations. At The Game Awards 2021, the game won the prestigious Game of the Year award, as well as Best Family Game and Best Multiplayer Game. These accolades are a testament to the game's innovative design, engaging narrative, and the seamless cooperative experience it offers. Additionally, "It Takes Two" has been nominated for and won awards from various gaming publications and organizations, including BAFTA and D.I.C.E. Awards.

The game's success is a reflection of Hazelight Studios' dedication to pushing the boundaries of cooperative gameplay and storytelling. The recognition from the gaming community and industry professionals underscores the impact that "It Takes Two" has had on players, solidifying its place as one of the standout titles of its generation.


"It Takes Two" boasts vibrant and imaginative visual design that brings its fantastical world to life. The graphics are richly detailed, with environments that range from realistic to surreal, each brimming with personality and charm. The character models, especially the dolls representing Cody and May, are intricately crafted, with expressive animations that convey their emotions and quirks.

It Takes Two PS4 game

The game's use of lighting and color palettes enhances the mood and atmosphere of each level, making the experience visually captivating. The attention to detail is evident in the intricate textures and seamless transitions between different environments. Whether it's the lush greenery of the garden or the whimsical, toy-like designs of the fantasy realms, the graphics in "It Takes Two" are a feast for the eyes.


The design of "It Takes Two" is a masterclass in creating a cooperative gameplay experience. Every level is meticulously crafted to encourage collaboration, with puzzles and challenges that require both players to work together. The game's mechanics are constantly evolving, introducing new abilities and interactions that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

The level design is intuitive, guiding players through complex environments without overwhelming them. Each level is filled with interactive elements and hidden secrets that reward exploration and experimentation. The seamless integration of narrative and gameplay ensures that players are always engaged, with the story unfolding naturally through their actions.


The sound design in "It Takes Two" complements its visual and gameplay elements, creating an immersive and dynamic experience. The game includes a rich and expressive soundtrack that elevates the ambiance and feel of every level. From whimsical tunes that accompany lighthearted moments to dramatic compositions that underscore tense encounters, the music adds depth to the storytelling.

The voice acting is superb, with performances that bring the characters of Cody, May, and Dr. Hakim to life. The dialogue is sharp, witty, and infused with humor, making the characters' interactions feel authentic and engaging. Sound effects are also meticulously crafted, with every jump, crash, and splash adding to the game's immersive quality.

Cheat Codes

While "It Takes Two" does not have traditional cheat codes, there are various tips and tricks that can enhance your gameplay experience. One useful strategy is to communicate constantly with your partner. The game is designed for cooperation, so sharing information and coordinating your actions is key to overcoming challenges.

It Takes Two PC game

Another tip is to take your time exploring each level. The game is filled with hidden secrets, Easter eggs, and collectibles that add depth to the narrative and provide additional enjoyment. Experiment with the environment and interact with various objects to discover surprises that might not be immediately obvious.

Tips for Success

Success in "It Takes Two" hinges on effective teamwork and communication. Here are some tips to help you and your partner navigate the game's challenges:

  • Communicate Often: Keep an open line of communication with your partner. Discuss strategies, share observations, and coordinate your actions to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.
  • Embrace Teamwork: The game is designed for cooperation, so embrace your unique abilities and work together. Each character has distinct skills that complement the other, making collaboration essential.
  • Explore Thoroughly: Take the time to explore each level thoroughly. The game is filled with hidden secrets, collectibles, and Easter eggs that reward curiosity and experimentation.
  • Be Patient: Some puzzles and challenges may require multiple attempts. Be patient with each other and focus on finding creative solutions to overcome obstacles.

Cultural Impact

"It Takes Two" has made a significant impact on the gaming community and beyond. Its emphasis on cooperative gameplay has inspired players to engage in meaningful team-based interactions, both in-game and in real life. The game's portrayal of a struggling marriage and the journey toward reconciliation has resonated with many players, sparking conversations about relationships, communication, and collaboration.

The game's success has also highlighted the potential for video games to tell complex, emotionally resonant stories. By blending engaging gameplay mechanics with a heartfelt narrative, "It Takes Two" demonstrates the power of the medium to convey meaningful messages and evoke strong emotional responses.

Community and Multiplayer Experience

The cooperative nature of "It Takes Two" has fostered a strong and supportive community. Gamers frequently exchange their insights, advice, and tactics on online forums and social networking sites, fostering a cooperative atmosphere that reflects the essence of the game. The multiplayer experience is enhanced by the game's intuitive design, which encourages players to work together and build strong connections.

It Takes Two game

The game has also been a popular choice for streamers and content creators, who enjoy showcasing their cooperative antics and interactions with their audience. This has expanded the game's reach and introduced it to new players, further solidifying its place in the gaming community.

Impact on Game Design

"It Takes Two" has set a new standard for cooperative game design. Its innovative mechanics and seamless integration of narrative and gameplay have influenced other developers to explore similar approaches. The game's success has demonstrated the viability and appeal of cooperative experiences, encouraging the development of more games that prioritize teamwork and communication.

The game's design philosophy, which emphasizes collaboration and mutual support, has the potential to shape the future of game development. By proving that cooperative gameplay can be both engaging and emotionally impactful, "It Takes Two" has opened the door for more diverse and innovative gaming experiences.


"It Takes Two" is a remarkable game that has captivated players with its innovative cooperative gameplay, engaging narrative, and stunning visuals. Despite its minor technical issues, the game's strengths far outweigh its flaws. The many honors and recognitions it has garnered serve as proof of its excellence and influence. By emphasizing communication, collaboration, and emotional storytelling, "It Takes Two" has set a new benchmark for cooperative gaming experiences. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the world of video games, "It Takes Two" offers a unique and memorable adventure that is best experienced with a partner.

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