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Unlocking the Magic: How to Access Deluxe Edition Content in Fae Farm


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Fae Farm, brought to you by Phoenix Labs, has left its cozy RPG fans enchanted! Slotted with the freedom to farm, fight, and enjoy to the fullest, this game is a real pleasure. It's important to remember that while some content is exclusive to its Deluxe Edition, everyone gets to relish all of Fae Farm’s typical attributes. Players purchasing the Deluxe Edition are rewarded with some exclusive add-ons. For those who've embarked on this deluxe journey, let’s delve into the magic and understand how to access this special content.

Step 1: The Deluxe Edition Content Overview

The Deluxe Edition Content Overview

Firstly, you must understand what your Deluxe Edition beasts are. As promised by Phoenix Labs, the Deluxe Edition boasts exciting bonuses, which include a music buffet in the form of a soundtrack with over an hour of remarkable compositions across 37 tracks and unreleased DLC content promising new discoveries, stories, characters, and more magic!

Step 2: Owning the Deluxe Soundtrack

For owners of the deluxe edition to immerse in the beautiful soundtrack, here’s what you need to do:

  • Steam players can find the soundtrack in their library under 'additional content' of Fae Farm.
  • Epic Games players will need to download the soundtrack separately from their library.
  • Alternatively, the add-on of the soundtrack can be bought separately from the game's store page.

Step 3: Revealing the Deluxe Edition’s DLC

Revealing the Deluxe Edition’s DLC

As promised by Phoenix Labs, the much-anticipated DLC for Deluxe edition players will include unique discoveries. To make this magic visible at your end, you must:

  • Access the DLC when it is ready for download, likely via the Steam or Epic Games storefront, reportedly between December 2023 and June 2024.

Step 4: Special Instructions for Nintendo Switch players

For the players using Nintendo Switch:

  • The Deluxe Edition’s music can be accessed through popular streaming platforms like Spotify, as it’s not included in the game.
  • When the DLC is publicly released, it can be downloaded free of cost from the Nintendo eShop, reportedly between December 2023 and June 2024.

In essence, you're set on a journey to discover the magic and enjoy the content that's selectively reserved for lucky Deluxe Edition players. So, heartily enjoy this magic-filled journey on Fae Farm as you farm, fight, and foster friendships. The information illustrated should make your journey to accessing the Deluxe edition content a breeze. So now, all you have to do is embark on the journey and watch the magic unfold. Happy gaming to you!

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