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Top Switch Games of 2023: The Best Nintendo Entertainment


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Despite being a few years old, the Nintendo Switch still stands out as a high-ranking video gaming system in today's market. This prominence is reinforced by the continuous shortages of PS5 and Xbox Series X, making the Switch the most accessible console at present.

The OLED model of the Switch is our preferred recommendation, although the Nintendo Switch Lite also presents an appealing choice, depending on personal preference.

What truly sets the Nintendo Switch apart from its competition is its vast and varied range of games. Simply put: You'll never be lacking options.

Let's dive into our curated selection of the very top Switch games that have to offer.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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With challenging quests, hidden secrets, and intriguing storylines, this title sets high standards for future entries in the series. The fusion of combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration creates a rewarding gaming experience that raises the bar for upcoming titles. 

Esteemed as a Nintendo Switch top game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom exemplifies premium gaming. The expansive universe creatively provokes players to think outside the box, inciting strategic problem-solving. The blend of this interactive gameplay style with an engaging story is what makes this title truly stand out.

Link, our protagonist, embarks on a personal quest punctuated by the looming disaster threatening the kingdom. The characters are layered and evoke a variety of emotions - their quirks and virtues make them remarkably relatable. 

As a first for the Zelda series, the introduction of voiceovers lends more authenticity to these characters. It deepens the emotional connection during pivotal plot points, presenting a refreshing upgrade in the franchise.

The role of music and sound design is critical in establishing the charm and allure of the game. The fluid musical scores set the tone flawlessly, transitioning quickly as situations warrant. The inclusion of subtle auditory cues during combat and while exploring intensifies the illusion of a living, thriving Hyrule, amplifying the immersive nature of the game.

Fans will appreciate the complexity and adaptability of the combat system in Tears of the Kingdom. It allows for an endless combination of tactics to vanquish opponents. The smart mix of tools and skills obtained throughout Link's journey can be utilized inventively to triumph in battles, infusing strategy with fast-paced action.

Dubbed the top game for Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is renowned for its fluid gaming mechanics, resulting in a highly engaging gaming experience.

Gameplay stretching into hundreds of hours is assured by the vastness of Hyrule and the abundant quests, mini-games, and hidden treasures. Longevity, coupled with superior storytelling and fascinating gameplay, means players will find replaying adventures in this masterfully assembled Kingdom continuously enticing.

Metroid Prime

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Metroid Prime: Tears of the Kingdom, the addition to the Metroid series, solidifies its place among the top games for Nintendo. Its exciting gameplay, complemented by stunning visuals, resonates with players who have long been fans of Metroid Prime.

Following the tale of its predecessors, this game propels Samus into a riveting odyssey against the perils of a crumbling kingdom. This makes it one of the top rated Switch games, offering an intensely captivating story that pulls the player deeper into the lore of Metroid.

Each location within the game environment comes to life with an amount of detail and vibrant color. The mixture of exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat remains, leaving you in a daze of gaming delight. Developers have truly surpassed their own standards by incorporating new gameplay features that blend wonderfully with the story, creating an overall balanced and satisfying gaming experience. 

Super Mario Odyssey

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Mario continues to stamp his presence in the world of platform-based gaming. Super Mario Odyssey breathes new life into the legacy of our beloved Italian plumber adventurer, infusing novelty and ramped-up challenges.

The game's basic premise remains the traditional rescue scenario, freeing Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. However, this time around, the conventional framework has been magnified and meticulously re-imagined. It is a refreshing spin on the Mario series, making it one of the best games for Nintendo Switch

The overarching highlight of Super Mario Odyssey is the sheer variety, both in terms of gameplay and visual treatment. The game takes Mario on a journey across expansive sandbox-style Kingdoms where he is required to solve inventive puzzles and tackle tricky enemies using his hat-throwing ability, granting Odyssey's playstyle a unique twist.

As one of the best games Nintendo Switch has, Odyssey scores high on its graphics and soundtrack. The 3D visual design strikes a perfect balance between retro aesthetics and modern polish, hitting nostalgically yet feeling incredibly vibrant and fresh. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrived at a time when the world needed it the most, and in the process, it has solidly established itself amongst the best game Nintendo Switch accessible in the gaming market. 

The picturesque representation of the changing seasons, the beautifully detailed characters, and the immersive environment augment the game's magical aura. The game's graphics and art style undoubtedly endorse Nintendo's strategy of prioritizing graphics quality, which they implemented masterfully.

Each player's island is a blank canvas that they can personalize to their heart's content. You can transform your island into a bustling metropolis, a spooky Halloween town, or a serene countryside village. In contrast, character customization in terms of clothing, hairstyles, and even expressions allows players to infuse their personalities into their virtual avatars, enhancing the gameplay experience further.

A standout feature of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is its social connectivity. Friends can visit each other's islands, trade items, write letters, and more, taking advantage of Nintendo's online platform. 

One of the stand-out features of this game is its dynamic gameplay that unfolds in real time. It aligns with real-world time, incorporating all four seasons and thus making the game more engrossing and captivating. It even depicts holidays and special events like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas within the gameplay. This allows players to virtually partake in these celebrations when they might not have the chance to do so in real life.

Luigi's Mansion 3

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Luigi's Mansion 3 is a stellar addition to the franchise, delivering an exceptional blend of entertaining humor, exciting escapades, and flawless visuals that significantly enhance the entire gaming experience.

The story top games for Nintendo Switch focuses on our well-known and much-loved protagonist, Luigi, who receives an invitation to an opulent hotel. Yet, all is not as it seems when his friends mysteriously vanish, and it becomes clear that the hotel is, in fact, a ghost-filled mansion. Join Luigi on an electrifying journey, armed with his dependable Poltergust G-00, in a thrilling quest to save his friends.

Throughout the game, the collaborative work of Nintendo and Next Level Games is apparent. Luigi's Mansion 3 excels in storytelling, wherein the pacing of the narrative is well-executed, ensuring gamers are engaged all through the adventure. Its interactive storytelling, combined with varied gameplay, keeps the players captivated and is truly commendable.

As soon as you start playing, it becomes evident why Luigi's Mansion 3, among all the Nintendo Switch best games, stands out. The overall aesthetics of the game are superb. It presents an optimally spooky setting, fitting the game's theme. While the mansion is visually pleasing on the surface, it's effectively creepy underneath, adorned with spider webs, creaking floorboards, and flickering lights. The detailed graphics and impressive character designs top of the immersive gaming experience.

Each floor of the hotel offers a distinct theme, with various challenges and mysteries that keep the game far from monotonous. Using the Poltergust G-00 to suction objects or push them away, or even Luigi's doppelganger, Gooigi, serves as an engaging game mechanic that adds a enjoyable twist to the gameplay.

The game controls are smooth, and the vast array of actions available to Luigi, such as vacuum, flash, and even dodge, offers players a great deal to experiment with. Moreover, the soundtrack is wonderfully composed and adds more layers to the overall gaming experience.

Phenomenal Success of the Nintendo Switch Games

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The enchanting universe of gaming has always intrigued players, proffering an exceptional blend of fun, excitement, stimulation, and challenge. Navigating through this universe, one gaming console has consistently engaged gamers around the globe – the Nintendo Switch. But what powers the popularity of the games on this platform? 

The foremost appeal lies in the sheer diversity of these games. There is something for everyone. Best Nintendo Switch games offer an astounding variety tailored to cater to all gaming preferences and ages. 

The Nintendo Switch console fuses the console gaming experience with the freedom of a handheld device. This unique feature has significantly boosted the popularity of its games. The ability to seamlessly switch (pun intended) between docked mode for a home console experience or handheld mode for portable gaming provides unmatched flexibility. 

Moreover, Nintendo has successfully packaged nostalgia into a modern gaming setting through its Switch games. Classic franchises like 'Super Mario,' 'Zelda,' and 'Pokémon,' amongst others, have been reinvented and reimagined on this platform, instilling a sense of comfort and memory while also providing an entirely new gaming perspective. The fusion of familiar characters and stories with new adventures pushes these titles to be recognized among the best.

In addition to this, Nintendo Switch has astutely utilized the social aspect of gaming. Many Switch top games are designed to be played with or against friends and family, creating a collectively enjoyable gaming environment. The concept of sharing Joy-Con controllers or engaging in multiplayer online battles adds a whole other dimension of sociability to the gaming experience, which is undoubtedly enticing. 

The value for money that these games provide is a tool for driving their popularity. Nintendo’s strategy of releasing full, quality games without compelling players to continually invest in expansions and additions induces affordability and longevity of a single game. With every purchase, gamers are assured of a comprehensive gaming experience without the worry of subsequent compulsory payments. 

The Bottom Line

The popularity of Nintendo Switch games can be accredited to a synergy of factors: the compelling diversity of content, the console’s unique design, the wistful touch of nostalgia, the significance of social connections, the engrossing narrative structure, and the assurance of value for money. Through these elements, these games not only capture but sustain the interest of players, making them an unputdownable part of their gaming collection.

As the Nintendo Switch continues to evolve and innovate in the gaming industry, we can only expect this trend to continue. The top game for Switch featured in this article was not only the best of 2023, but they are also shaping up to be timeless classics in the Nintendo library. The future of Nintendo Switch gaming looks bright, and we can't wait to see what's in store in the years to come.

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