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TikTok Makes Its Insights More Regional


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The “TikTok Insights” tool receives more possibilities, as well as those business owners who use it in their campaigns. TikTok is well-known for its tight collaboration with businesses. The platform provides multiple opportunities for marketers who need to reach the audience. Now they expand the tool that offers notes and snapshots of the main trends on the market.

TikTok Insights is represented as the notes filled with data that you can always download on your device. It is a helpful option since you can include them in the business presentation. If you need to plan the advertisement campaign, you need this information.

Since there is too much information that you possibly can gather about the trend, which you may even don’t need, TikTok came out with filters. Use those you need for your work. This will help you not to get lost in the huge pile of information. For example, you can choose the holiday or event you want to prepare the ads for. Pick the region you want, the year, industry, and don’t forget to check out the creators. You may easily find out the most popular trends for Christmas among the US users of TikTok. You will see the top 3 categories of products that are in demand during this holiday.

This tool is helpful for anyone who wants to reach a specific audience and map the location. TikTok recently added more regional settings, so you could be specific and learn only about the audience to which you will sell your goods. This tool is still not the guarantee of your success. You have to create unique content, attract people, and include popular influencers in your campaign. Yet, this is a great way to start your business on TikTok.
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