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The Best Games for PC That Can Not Leave Anyone Indifferent


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Unquestionably, PC gaming holds the potential to outshine console gaming under certain circumstances, thanks to the superior capabilities of top-tier graphics cards. These perks include upgraded framerates, higher resolution, and advanced tech features like ray tracing, DLSS, and HDR. Also, PC gaming caters exceedingly well to fanatics of strategy games and aficionados of distinctive, niche genres, boasting a game library more expansive than any other medium.

Let's be straightforward; nothing compares to the nimbleness of a traditional mouse for shooter games. Console gaming devotees, forgive us, but it's an undeniable fact.

So whether you're equipped with a state-of-the-art gaming rig or a multitasking laptop, we've curated a comprehensive list showcasing the best games to play for PC currently. Though gaming preferences differ, we're certain you'll discover at least one or perhaps more games that perfectly align with your gaming tastes in our lineup.

Our Determining Factors for the Best PC Games

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It has been a monumental undertaking to compile this guide. Our team of reviewers has steamrolled through countless playing hours of a wide variety of PC games spanning decades. Thus, setting clear selection criteria was critical. After rigorous discourse and meticulous examination, we arrived at the consensus that only games reviewed by our experts and that have garnered impressive ratings qualify for inclusion.

This guide doesn't mimic a chronicle of the most trailblazing PC games ever. Instead, it serves as an ever-evolving roster of riveting games worthy of your attention, whether you own a gaming PC, a gaming laptop, or a Steam Deck.

A game needn't be a current-year release to find a spot on our list. Any title that still has a solid appeal and keeps pace with modern releases is regarded as a hot PC game. We believe that this approach is in your best interest, aiding you in identifying what games earn pride of place on your PC's hard drive and which are better left untouched, even when slashed by 75% during a Steam sale.

Elden Ring

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Elden Ring is taking center stage in the realm of popular PC games right now and for a compelling reason. It is a new torment-inducing creation from FromSoftware, inheriting the quintessential traits of Souls-like games but unfolding into an open world. The gripping narrative is a product of George R.R Martin, the famed Game of Thrones author, ensuring that the game is not shy of thrilling turns.

There have been reported performance glitches with the PC version of the game, but the developer is earnestly addressing these issues. Nonetheless, even with these minor hitches, it undeniably ranks among the top games on PC right now, perhaps the best ever produced by the studio.  

Being fervent fans of FromSoftware's games since the original Demons' Souls on the PS3, we don't dole out such commendations readily. However, much like the Souls-like genre itself, this praise must be earned. Hence, as one of the best video games on PC, Elden Ring unequivocally garners this recognition. It stands not only as a must-play game but also as one of the best PC games of the last 5 years.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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Since its inception in 2007, the Assassin's Creed franchise has transported us to a myriad of historical periods, such as Ancient Greece, Renaissance Italy, and the era of the American Revolution. The latest chapter, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, unveils the Viking invasions of 9th Century England, seen through the eyes of the era's most infamous marauders. Despite Valhalla not rolling out completely fresh elements into the series, it shapes up to be an impressive PC game, echoing the equally outstanding forerunners, Origins and Odyssey.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is undeniably one of the most popular PC games right now that deserves much attention from the gaming community. Its distinguishing features primarily revolve around its Viking-centric theme, immersive storyline, and top-notch graphics. This makes it one of the computer game's best-designed stealth/adventure genre.


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In a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world where ultra-violence and ceaseless movement collide stands a game that is not for the faint-hearted – it’s an electrifying, tense, and among the best PC games now available. Dubbed Ghostrunner, it will test your resilience as you strive to conquer it despite countless expected fatalities. For those looking for an ideal fusion of Doom Eternal and Mirror's Edge, your search ends here – this is truly one of the most popular choices.

The game is set in Dharma Tower, considered the last refuge of mankind. You embark on an ascending journey through the tower, moving across the platform and wielding your katana to wreak havoc, all in order to take down a ruthless tyrant. With each step, you'll be dissecting enemies, dodging bullets, and utilizing various unique abilities to persevere your way to the top. This is undoubtedly one of those cool PC games that will take your breath away. Indeed, if you're looking for something special to play to take you on a roller coaster ride, this gem of a list of the best PC games will give you a real gaming treat.

Dead Island 2

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While open-world PC games may seem all too familiar these days, Dead Island 2 stands out among the best of them. It manages to maintain novelty with its liberal splashes of exaggerated gore and robust first-person melee combat – making it one of the trending PC games worth exploring.

Dead Island 2’s satirical rendition of Los Angeles presents an intriguing and fresh play setting teeming with humorous nods to contemporary culture. This shouldn’t come as a surprise especially considering the game’s developers hail from an office in Nottingham, adding a touch of British humor to the familiar American setting. The fact that Dead Island 2 includes solid combat, a world that evokes interest, and the possibility of drop-kicking zombies through Windows makes it one of the most awesome PC games to play in the market.

Let's not forget the added excitement of wielding an electrified combat knife and dealing with the challenge of an acid-filled swimming pool. All these aspects categorically place Dead Island 2 among the best PC gaming games to date, offering a unique experience.

God of War

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Since its inception in 2005, God of War has been a standout amongst the best games on the PC. While the series has seen numerous iterations, the 2018 version has breathed new life into it. This rejuvenation is thanks, in large part, to a refreshed setting – the exploration has shifted from the harrowing landscapes of Greece to a new venue – along with the introduction of a traveling companion for the protagonist, Kratos, making it one of the most popular games on PC these days. 

No longer exclusive to Playstation, you step into the role of Kratos in this top 5 PC game. Known for defeating almost the entire Greek pantheon in previous games, Kratos, accompanied by his son, embarks on an emotional journey to scatter his deceased wife's ashes atop a mountain, set in a Norse-inspired mythological environment. 

Being ranked as one of the best games for computers, God of War, naturally, as you battle your way through a horde of mythical creatures and gods. It undoubtedly remains a solid choice for those searching for cool games to play and stands as an enduring figure amongst the most popular game on PC in the market.


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The original Bayonetta has taken its place as one of the best games on PC, ranking alongside giants such as Elden Ring, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and God of War. As one of the coolest games for PC, Bayonetta offers an adrenaline-pumping experience that requires masterful execution of combo moves against a host of divine creatures drawn from the biblical world. 

In the case of the PC port, the game offers flawless action, showcasing it at a consistent frame rate and in a variety of resolutions. This allows this creation to take its rightful place in the list of must-play PC games, making the PC version the best experience of fighting celestial beings, as evidenced by the game's rather high rating.

Apex Legends

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The battle royale genre stands out uniquely in the world of best desktop PC games, with Apex Legends being at the forefront. In this enthralling game, each decision you and your competing 59 collaborators take is contingent on the preceding collective activities. 

Unconsciously, everyone is in continuous reaction to each other's moves. Each round transforms into a comprehensive network of decisions, all originating from that initial drop onto the game map. Much like the best desktop games in the battle royale genre, Apex compels you to strategize and assess threats rather than rushing headlong into conflict. The adrenaline rush that builds as the game approaches its climax remains unrivaled.

What sets Apex Legends apart from other masterpieces such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Warzone, despite their own merits, is its remarkable character and gaming sensation. Character selection reflects the diversity akin to Overwatch, where each character comes with its unique abilities and maneuvering styles. Similarly, each weapon and its attachments profoundly influence your gaming strategy. Much like the most popular games on PC, it offers flawless control, an attribute expected from the creators of the Titanfall series.

While Fortnite continues to be the most approachable battle royale game, Apex Legends offers an at-home feeling to gamers familiar with FPS games. Another top feature is its ping system, enabling you to collaborate effectively with your team sans verbal communication. It is also one of the games that regularly receive updates even four years post-launch. Being one of the best computer games available without any hidden charges, it ensures that you stay competitive without spending a penny.

Forza Horizon 5

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Forza Horizon 5 stands tall amongst the best games to play on PC, adept at balancing a rich depth and complexity while remaining accessible to anyone, making it one of the prominent games to play on the computer. This spectacular racing game takes you through an enchanting fictional representation of Mexico, offering hundreds of cars with endless customization options to perfect your driving preference. 

With tons of courses to tackle, when the difficulty is notched up, a single slip-up might be enough to cost you the race, considering the online challenges can be equally intense. For newcomers to racing games, Forza Horizon 5 does an exemplary job as one of the best Windows games to familiarize you. 

The game's intro swiftly gets you acquainted with the four primary race categories, like street racing and cross-country. Features such as the rewind button offer the chance to correct mistakes quickly, like an overstepped turn, without having to redo the race. In a nutshell, Forza Horizon 5, being among the top 10 games on the computer, is thrillingly enjoyable and visually captivating, catering to any skill level. 

Whether you're looking for a quick race to fill out your day or to invest hours in improving your driving prowess, Forza Horizon 5 is undoubtedly worth considering. With its vividly stunning graphics and fun gameplay, it effortlessly ranks amongst the top 5 games on PC, demonstrating why it's considered one of the great games to play of the last 5 years.


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Supergiant Games established its reputation through the exceptional reception of Pyre, Transistor, and Bastion. Currently, the studio's followers have a new inclusion in the form of Hades to the list of their great games. Utilizing the same isometric perspective as its predecessors, Hades follows the narrative of Hades' offspring, Zagreus, on his quest to break free from the underworld.

This best new game for PC, a roguelike dungeon crawler, is loaded with fresh features. Aside from the potential to form romantic bonds with certain characters for bonus rewards, death within the game doesn't necessarily revert you to the last checkpoint. In a unique twist, a demise could send you back to the start, but not in the conventional sense of having to restart entirely. 

On the contrary, you can enhance your character and weaponry, boosting your escape chances with each subsequent death. This continual progression creates a sense of advancement that makes Hades one of the cool games to play on the computer, highly addictive, and an exciting new addition to the computer's best games.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 puts you in the driver's seat of an array of hefty trucks for a grand tour across Europe. Your primary tasks include delivering goods and developing your personal trucking empire. True to its title, it's a simulation game, bestowing upon you the responsibility of adhering to traffic laws, maintaining fuel levels, and ensuring timely deliveries with minimal delivery damage.

Europe presented in the game is an abridged version, but each journey still requires time and patience, just like a real-life road trip; there's rarely any other significant event disrupting the tranquillity of your route.

This calm rhythm is what defines the Euro Truck Simulator 2's unique appeal. It closely mimics the allure of an actual cross-country drive – soothing open-road cruising, listening to real streaming radio broadcasts, soaking in the sights as you roll past them. The resulting gaming experience is intensely calming. What you have is a giant rig, a stretch of road ahead, and a destination. 

Your journey unfolds at its own leisurely pace. The management components aren't as engaging as the actual drives, but a plethora of DLC and mods are available to diversify the gaming experience. If you fancy switching continents, the creators have also rolled out American Truck Simulator, a similar game set on American asphalt. This one belongs to the list of great PC games to play, particularly for those looking for a change of pace.


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Radiating an irresistible charm, Rollerdrome boasts an extraordinary style, drawing inspiration from the 70's Hollywood sci-fi aesthetics and adorned with an appealing cel-shaded visual effect over every frame. More impressive than its captivating appearance, Rollerdrome seamlessly integrates flawless, intuitive gaming mechanics that promote a rhythmic flow within each level. 

The game transports you into vibrant environments in which you glide around on rollerblades, build momentum, perform stunts, evade and combat foes, manage weaponry, and wield time control – all these elements harmoniously converging into an exhilarating dystopian showdown.

The game thrills with its tactical elements; the satisfaction of dodging incoming attacks to subsequently spring into the air, slow time, and neutralize your aggressors, topping your ammo and health reserves in the process. 

Parallel to the pulse-racing gameplay unfolds a disquieting tale of rampant corporate avarice, serving as a constant reminder of the high stakes. Rollerdrome made a sensation in 2022, and if you haven't experienced this thrill ride yet, it's time to dive into what could be one of the best pc games last 5 years.

Presently, those are our top picks for the top desktop games to immerse yourself in. However, keep in mind that this compilation is ever-evolving, and we will be updating it periodically. Perhaps, you believe there's a popular PC game right now that we've overlooked, but we encourage you to check back often. This way, you'll stay updated on what games have been included or excluded in our roundup. So, get ready to rediscover games to play on your computer and experience unexpected excitement and joy afresh.

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