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The 10 Best Games Like XCOM: Strategic Turn-Based Combat Masterpieces


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XCOM is one of the most beloved and iconic turn-based strategy games ever. The aggressive tactics, base building, and procedurally generated missions have captivated gamers since its initial release in 1994. Since then, many developers have taken their own spin on the famous formula to create incredible experiences. Here are ten of the best games like XCOM for those who want an equally intense strategic experience without replaying the same game over again.

1) Wasteland 3

This post-apocalyptic RPG from InXile Entertainment takes place in a grim future where America has been ravaged by nuclear war, and society struggles to survive amid raids from mutant gangs and hostile factions. You play as a Ranger tasked with rebuilding Colorado’s devastated cities, which involves making tough choices between morality and survival. Its tactical combat system is inspired by XCOM but added elements such as vehicles, environmental hazards, morale effects, and much more make it stand out on its own merits.

2) Warhammer 40K Mechanicus

Developed by Bulwark Studios, this turn-based strategy game puts you at the command of an elite Adeptus Mechanicus force as they explore an ancient tomb world filled with powerful technology that could save or damn humanity forever. Its deep customization options for your army’s loadout plus hundreds of different possible outcomes to each battle scenario, depending on how you manage your troops’ limited resources, makes it one of the best games like XCOM available today.

3) Battle Brothers

Made by Overhype Studios, this medieval strategy game puts you in charge of a mercenary company tasked with protecting villages from bandits while also competing against rival companies for contracts across a procedurally generated open world map full of surprises around every corner. Its unique blend of squad management mechanics plus a severe difficulty level gives players plenty to think about during combat encounters that will keep them returning for more punishment if they fail too often!

Battle Brothers game

4) Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Ubisoft's foray into the Mushroom Kingdom includes tactical battles against enemy forces using characters from both franchises combined via creative weapons and abilities that must be used judiciously if victory is to be achieved in each stage! It may not be as hardcore as other titles on this list, but its vibrant art style coupled with highly challenging puzzles certainly earns it a spot among great games similar to XCOM, nonetheless!

5) Gears Tactics

The first turn-based entry into Microsoft's flagship franchise doesn't disappoint when it comes to tactical depth despite being based on one of gaming's most action-packed series ever! With large-scale battles involving dozens upon dozens of enemies per encounter plus robust character customization options lets, players customize their squads exactly how they'd like before marching them into certain doom amidst hordes upon hordes of Locusts!

6) Invisible, Inc.

Set in a near future cyberpunk dystopia run amok by mega corporations where powerful AI agents reign supreme over human resistance movements trying desperately just to stay alive while completing risky heists along the way, Klei Entertainment's masterfully crafted stealth tactics title offers up something entirely fresh yet familiar enough so fans won't feel lost when playing too long either!

Invisible Inc game

7) Xenonauts

A spiritual successor to UFO Defense (the original XCom), Goldhawk Interactive made sure no stone was left unturned, recreating classic formula complete with base-building mechanics thrown into the mix, giving players even more reasons why they should check out this alien invasion simulator ASAP before the world falls apart under extraterrestrial onslaught!

8) Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden

Funcom's alternate history take on post-apocalyptic Earth sees mutants rise up amongst ruins left behind after the global warming crisis destroyed the majority of civilization, leaving survivors scattered about. Surviving, however, can lead some down darker paths than others. Fortunately, though, there remain heroes willing to fight good fights through violent yet strategically rewarding turn-based skirmishes waiting for anyone brave enough to step forward and accept the challenge head-on!

9) Phoenix Point

Snapshot Games' newest addition genre features a unique twist allowing players to combine conventional forces with futuristic tech, creating unbeatable combinations capable of taking down the most formidable foes imaginable; don't let the lack of traditional progression mechanisms fool you, though, because loot drops hidden secrets contained within randomly, generated maps give plenty replay value those wanting to continue exploring new ways annihilate enemies standing their path peace freedom mankind depends upon– get them, commander!!

10) Iron Harvest 1920+

KING Art Games' stunningly detailed steampunk World War 1 setting brings life to intense strategic gameplay set within a dynamic environment constantly shifting due presence of weather conditions changing throughout the course match, forcing quick thinking adaptability in order secure victory no matter what odds stacked against a player team chosen lead mission success!

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