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Minecraft Recreates Pixar’s Up House


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The host of YouTube Channel Gamer’s Guild has been able to recreate the house that appears in Pixar’s Up, a pretty building that floats in the air due to the balloons tired to its roof. This is highlighted in the channel’s video. You can see the entire building process from the ground up, watching to orchestral music as it rises in front of you just as it did one of Pixar’s most moving animations. The video soon became the highlight of the channel, which largely focuses on ambitious Minecraft builds.

This is not the first time that someone has played with Minecraft’s blocky graphics to recreate a structure from an entirely different universe. The Simpsons Springfield city is another very impressive build, also released recently after seven months of hard work. It took BlocksterCraft a self-made texture pack to match the colorful aesthetics of the cartoon series. Such builds have always been an incredible asset to the game as they not only show how much fun in can be but showcase the possibilities it offers. It’s far from obvious to someone new to the game that you can master Minecraft’s building toolkit to an extent that will enable you to build something this breathtaking, not to mention recreate something that initially appeared in a very different atmosphere.

Minecraft presently ranks No. 1 by the amount of gross income generated. It’s safe to say that it owes a large share of this success to its faithful fans who keep investing their ingenuity in breathtaking in-game builds. Let’s use the comments to this post to share other amazing Minecraft recreations we have seen. What’s the most impressive blocky render of a famous building you have seen so far? Is there anything you’ve done yourself and are really proud of? Don’t be shy to share your favorites down below!


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