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Google Offers Alternatives to Android Auto


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Nowadays Google has several solutions for users who want to optimize their driving with Android devices. Drivers who want to receive tips on navigation, phone call assistance on the road, or access to their favorite media files, can use them. Android Auto is one of the favorite tools in this system.

Which Solutions Does Google Provide? 

Android Auto is the most popular way to receive all the services at once. The app needs hardware support, connecting your Android phone to the head unit. Once the connection is arranged, you can use the features on the large screen inside the car cabin. If you don’t have compatible devices, you can always use your phone alone. You receive a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features. The Android Auto app does not require any extra head units, as long as you can navigate the car by using your phone.

Another option is Android Automotive. This is a standalone system for your vehicle. It needs specific hardware for the work that has to be pre-installed in the car while it is still in the factory. There is deep integration with all the services that Google offers.

Google’s Recent Announcement

Recently Google announced its decision to get rid of Android Auto for mobile phones. Many users suspect that it is the end of the services that the program Android Auto offered for the cars. However, Google assured its clients that they are going to remove only the mobile experience, keeping the head unit connection to all the features. There is another alternative provided; it is called the driving mode from Google Maps and Google Assistant. It has all the features you need and even more. It does not need an extra app since it already works together with Google Maps and Google Assistant. The new option will be available with the Android 12 release.

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