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Dark and Darker Early Access Postponed Amidst Nexon Lawsuit Battle


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South Korean game developer, Ironmace Games, has recently announced a delay in the early access release of their highly anticipated game, Dark and Darker. This decision comes as a result of the ongoing lawsuit between Ironmace Games and game publisher Nexon.

Ironmace Games initially planned to launch early access to Dark and Darker in the second half of 2022. However, due to the legal proceedings involving Nexon, the release has been postponed. Nexon, a major South Korean game publisher, has accused Ironmace Games of using assets from their game,  in the development. Nexon claims that Ironmace Games has violated its intellectual property rights and has demanded compensation for the alleged infringement.

In response to the lawsuit, Ironmace Games has strongly denied any wrongdoing and insists that Dark and Darker is an original creation, independent of Peria Chronicles. The company has even gone as far as providing evidence of its development process to prove the authenticity of its game. Despite Ironmace Games' efforts to clear their name, the legal battle continues to drag on, ultimately affecting the early access release of Dark and Darker.

The postponement of Dark and Darker's early access is undoubtedly disappointing for fans eagerly waiting to play the game. However, it is crucial for Ironmace Games to resolve the legal issues surrounding their intellectual property before moving forward with the release. The outcome of the lawsuit will not only impact the future of Dark and Darker but also set a precedent for the gaming industry's approach to intellectual property rights and asset protection.

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