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Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Fixes Problem for Older CPUs


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A devoted fan of Cyberpunk 2077 created a new mod that fixes a bug to make the game available for owners of old CPUs. The 1.3 Patch was released by CD Projekt RED several weeks ago. Although the developers had fixed numerous bugs and glitches in the game, the new update brought up even more problems that were discovered by the players. That’s when one of the fans decided to help the developers and created the mod that allows owners of old CPUs to play the game as it used to be before the update.

This is not even the biggest problem of the new patch released by the CD Projekt RED. Recently, players found even more bugs and glitches, and it looks like the shifting animation of the past came back in Cyberpunk 2077 again. It creates clones from non-playables, keeping them in the game in one place. Johnny Silverhand becomes almost invisible.

Although there are too many bugs to fix and improve in the game, the creators can’t deal with them in time. After fixing one problem, the new one arises. While they are trying to get rid of the most visible bugs, problems like the old CPUs keep coming. So, we all should be thankful to a helpful fan with the new mod.

Specs of the New Mod

The mod called Patch 1.3 AVX Fix was created by Jens Andree and uploaded on NexusMods. According to its description, the mod was intended to help players to receive access to the game on old CPUs. It fixes the Exception_Illegal_Instruction crash. Many players with AVX incapable CPUs witnessed the problem when trying to enter the game. The modder explained that since there is a crash of the AudioKinetic sound engine in the mod, players have to patch out the 33 AVX existing instructions manually. After this procedure, the game becomes playable. Also, Andree asked fans to report on other glitches of the game so that they could fix everything.

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