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Android 11 Updates: Detailed Review


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Each update of the Android system comes with multiple new features, and sometimes changes that are not that easy to get used to. Android 11 is not an exception. While there are services that were missed by the global community, they matter for many users. Since the new update is here, you have to know all the pitfalls.

Features that Were Expected

There are numerous features developers are excited to reveal to the audience. Yet, they are not that crucial and will not turn your world upside down. Some functions you may still enjoy, though. For example, Android owners may enjoy advanced messaging features. Google is actively trying to improve communication between users, filling the gap. Prepare to see the notifications organized and less visible than messages sent by other users. Your chats will be at the top of the list.

Besides, there are so-called bubbles in the new version of Android. Notifications appear in the floating windows on the apps. It looks like Facebook Messenger’s service with “Chat Heads”. The tool might be helpful for users who don’t want to close and open numerous apps all the time to check notifications. Bubbles are considered to be the most valuable update on Android 11.

Android Auto updates

If you are using Android Auto, you may notice that with the new update, it becomes even better. On new car models, you may find wireless versions without any cable needed. On Android 10 you had to use the cable, with only a few exceptions. Now, this new feature is available for all users.

Quick home control navigation

If you are using smart home devices like vacuum cleaners, lights, or cameras, you may know that navigation may take too much time. Android 11 offers to control them quicker and simpler. Pixels and other devices already have this feature near the “Cards and Passes” section of the power menu. To turn on the lights you need to tap just once. Besides, you don’t even need to close the app. It is simple, does not require lots of search on your phone, and is compatible with other services and apps. Don’t worry! You don’t need to use the Google Home app to be able to do it. Many smart home apps are compatible with this service. Perhaps, Google will add more apps to the list.

This feature does not require anything from the apps from Android partners. OnePlus and Pixels can use it. Sometimes developers move or limit it. Samsung Galaxy owners may use this service only if they have One UI 3.1. It is in the “Devices”.

Smart media navigation

Users spend a lot of time in their accounts on social media, music portals, or video channels. These apps have become an important part of our daily life. And in the new Android version, Google developers decided to gather all notifications you receive from those apps in one place. Even if the app is closed, you still receive important news. Besides, controls are there, and you can continue from where you left.

The UI allows changing the music output source. You can decide whether you want to use a Bluetooth speaker. You may know this feature from third parties, but now you can use it as Android’s native. It can vary location based on the device.

Pixel’s screen recorder

Do you need a native screen recorder from Android? Owners of Pixel devices may already enjoy the feature. For many years this service was available on versatile skins from Android. Samsung Galaxy is not an exception. However, all the functions were available to users only via third parties. Yet, now you don’t need them and can use them as native. You will find this service in the quick settings.

Password manager simplicity

Autofill became available on the keyboard. It received the update recently, and the password manager is getting more advanced. You don’t need to rely completely on pop-ups. Your keyboard reveals apps like LastPass and 1Passwords. It is comfortable in use.

Temporary permissions

If the app asks you to provide permission to your location or camera, you may worry about the phone’s security. Now you can set temporal permission for one time only. This way, the app will not be able to get your information anytime it wants. If you need only one action from a third party, this is the best and the most secure way.

Time for Updates

For now, this is one of the most popular questions. Everyone wants to know when the updates appear. Google says you will receive all the features available soon. Some of them may already be there.

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